Martin Parr (UK)

Small World

The Cube, Liberation Monument
1 - 30 June / Outdoor display

Admission Free

Martin Parr Small World

Martin Parr will show work from his ongoing series Small World, which offers a biting satire on the homogenisation of worldwide tourism over the last three decades, through his larger than life observations of holidaymakers around the globe. This will be shown along with the work of one of his photographic inspirations, Tony Ray-Jones.

Martin Parr is a photographer, editor, collector and curator who offers a critique of the modern world by expressing its ambiguities. He is widely regarded as the most successful photographer of his generation with work held in many national collections and exhibited and published around the world. He sees his practice as a form of collecting, an activity to which he is predisposed and that provides him with a model strategy for the pursuit of passionate research interests in leisure, consumption and communication.

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